North Pole

This blog is about polar bears, cool websites on the net and a little bit about me:)

29 August 2007

The beauty of photography

Polarbear fact 6# Polar Bear fur is oily and water repellent. The hairs don't mat when wet, allowing the Polar Bears to easily shake free of water and any ice that may form after swimming.
Polarbear site 6# Artic Photo - There are some really beautiful photos of polar bears here! Also check out Norbert Rosing's site mentioned below.

Website I like 6# Anton Corbijn's home page- This is my favorite photographer. His photography is stunning. And he is the regular photographer to my favorite band; Depeche Mode.

Blog I like 6# Gentse Koppen This is one of the many photo blogs I browse from time to time. I love this photographers ability to photograph people in their naturally poses and still be able to capture something special. I love how most people seem completly unaware that they are being photographed. And those who are aware have delightful expressions on their faces.

This is the earliest photograph known to have surived. It is taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, the world's first photographer:

Fact about me 5# I love photography as you might have noticed.. I still dream as being a professional photographer one day. Illness put a stop to my plans to switch from the university to photo school. And I haven't been able to affoard any new cameras after my last one died. But one day... :)

Thing that makes me happy 5# Taking pitcures makes me happy!
Thing I did today: I sorted out some photos. I have tons of pitcures lying around waiting to be put into frames or albums.

15 August 2007

Shopping Heaven

Polarbear fact 5# Polar bears are so well protected from the cold that they have more problems with overheating than they do from the cold. Even in very cold weather, they quickly overheat when they try to run.
Polarbear site 5# polarbears international - an non profit organziation for polarbear lovers - Check out their cool store!

Website I like 5# Etsy- the site to buy all kind of handmade things

Blog I like 5# Rarebird finds: Rare Bird Finds Lovely guide to cool items on the net.

Fact about me 4# I love shopping even though I don't get to do so much off it anymore. Illness does tend you keep you housebound and on a budget
Thing that makes me happy 4# Getting stuff in the mail, new things
Thing I did today: Opened a package of rubber stamps I bought.


So I have been ill for a long time now. My life changed completly since I started this blog. Now that I have refound it so too speak I'll try and update it again. A bit different version though as I don't do much daily anymore due to my illness. Nothing exciting anyway. Although I do find a lot of cool blogs and websites on the internet.

29 September 2005

Lucky Canadians

Polarbear fact 4# About 60% off all polarbears are in Canada. Lucky Canadians.
Polarbear site 4# WWF tracker
This is the site to world wildlife fund (for nature) polarbear tracker! they lost track off the two first polarbears cubs and are now tracking two other polarbears in the arctic.

Website I like 4# the design encyclopedia - in true wiki style

Blog I like 4# coming out at 48 - this is a very moving blog about a guy that came out of the closet at the age of 48. He was married and had kids. The blog is about his experiences after he came out. Its very well written.

Fact about me 3# My favorite ice cream is krokan is from the Norwegian brand Diplom is
Thing that makes me happy 3# ice cream
Thing I did today: saw some recently discovered rembrant paintings in The rembrandt huis(house) in Amsterdam

28 September 2005

another timewaster:)

Polarbear fact 3# polarbears are considered to be potenially treatend species
Polarbear site 3# -an very nice information site about polarbears in dutch. They "stole" ( my dream webpage but they like polarbears so I forgive them.

Website I like 3# zefrank - another wonderful timewaster page. I love this! the best thing is the scribler, which tricks me into beliving I can draw. wonderful! check out things like croc tears for a laugh and inspiration!
One of the many things I made with scribbler:
Blog I like to read 3# ze's blog/ - the blog is nice too. its has many great links

Fact about me 2# eats candy (chocolate) almost every day and a lot of it!
Thing that makes me happy 2# candy (chocolate)
Thing I did today: went to look at an apartment with 12 other people

27 September 2005

I like polarbears:)

Polarbear fact 2# There are between 22000 and 27000 polarbears in the world today.
Polarbear site 2# Norbert Rosing's site - an awesome polar bear photographer

Website I like 2# The artchive - an amazing collection of information about artists and art. extensive information about older as well modern art and artists. also includes theortical discussions. And if you want to find a certain painting from the 19th century they probably have a image of it here.
here is a screenshot:

Blog I like2# pencil revolution - its about pencils..need I say more?

Fact about me 1# I collect polarbear things
Thing that makes me happy 1# polarbears :p
Thing I did today: woke up at 9.55 am

26 September 2005

first facts

I adore polarbears! My whole house is full of polarbear stuff, which I collect. I love to find funny, artistic etc. websites as well so I thought I would combine these two intrests in a blog!

Polarbear fact 1# Polar bears are the world largest land predators
Polarbear site 1# De Beren wereld - A short information site on polarbears in dutch, aimed at schoolars that have to give a speech about polarbears. Part of a bigger information site about bears.

Website I like 1# The surrealist - This site must be one of the worlds best timewasters. It has lots of funny toys and generators. I turned out as a chocolate eating ninja monkey and the advertising slogan had me occupied for ages. This is where I go if I need something to cheer me up:) (that is besides chocolate of course)
Blog I like 1# t-shirt wars - I just found this blog. Its funny. read the beginning and the rules and you wished you owned loads of t-shirts! nice ones that is.